Bert P. Krages II
The three main areas of intellectual property are patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Each of these have different scopes of protection and they vary significantly in terms of acquisition, maintenance, enforcement and cost. I believe in listening to my clients and explaining their options so they can decide what approach makes the most sense in light of their goals.
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Patents can protect inventions and the ornamental designs of functional items. My experience includes prosecuting patent applications in the fields of mechanical, medical, nutritional, environmental, apparel, sporting goods, photography, optics, software, and designs. I generally do my own patent searches and provide legal analysis of the prior art with respect to determining patentability or assessing the potential to infringe another patent. I work with clients to develop enforcement strategies, ranging from simple cease and desist requests to litigation in federal courts.


Trademarks represent the goodwill of a business and distinguish between the products and services that your business offers and what other businesses offer. I counsel clients regarding the quality of prospective marks, registration, and enforcement of existing marks.


Copyrights protect the expression of ideas and concepts but do not protect facts or ideas themselves. Under the right circumstances, it can be one of the most powerful means of protected certain kinds of registered works. I encourage clients to register their works themselves and can provide guidance when needed. I also work with clients to address infringements through the various mechanisms available under federal law.